Speaker System

Speaker System
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Model: SPOT 1500
Manufacturer: Montarbo
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SPOT 1500T-2-Way Active bi-amplified Speaker System


SPOT1500 represents the “light” version of the SPOT 2500T: there is no bass cabinet with it’s dedicated amplifier. It is a high directivity, long throw compact system, characterized by extremely high intelligibility, even at long distances, making it the perfect choice for live applications. This system was designed to simplify the task of assembling clusters by simply placing multiple enclosures side-by-side when wider horizontal dispersion is required. SPOT1500 is equipped with class D amplifiers controlled by the Montarbo DSP loudspeaker processor (56 bit, 180 MHz, 24 bit converters) which provides filtering, equalization, delay, limiting and diagnostic functions. This DSP utilizes an advanced algorithm for the real time control of both the power output and the temperature (both internal and external) of the amplifier; it also includes a dedicated standby function which results in reduced power consumption when no signal is present. 
5 presets are available, one of which may be customized by the user and loaded into the DSP, thus adapting the speaker’s acoustic response to the user’s personal taste. The Internal DSP controller also provides an auxiliary output that may be used to drive an external subwoofer, be it equipped with internal filters or not. 
The presets can be modified by means of the Montarbo proprietary software program RAConLSTM with the LD2.4 USB interface (optional device). The remote control allows: programming and storage of one preset in the DSP and the creation of an unlimited library of personalized settings in the PC; adjustment of the frequency response by means of a 10 filter “fully parametric” equalizer; adjustment of the delay time and of the output level of each speaker system; monitoring of the power amplifier’s status (temperature, protection circuits, limiters and thermal alarms); selection of the type of subwoofer used.


• 2 class-D amplifiers (with switching-mode power supplies) 
that can supply a total of 1500 Watts EIAJ 
(1000 W for the LF drivers, 500 W for the HF).

• 135 dB max SPL.

• 15” woofer with 4” voice coil, featuring a shielded front-mounted neodymium magnet.

• HF driver with a 1.4” throat and a 3” voice coil, featuring a neodymium magnet and titanium diaphragm.

• High directivity (50° H x 40° V) wave-guide horn.

• Montarbo 56 bit DSP, 180 MHz, 24 bit converters.

• Dedicated standby function.

• Processed auxiliary output allows to drive an external subwoofer.

• 5 presets one of which may be customized and loaded into the DSP.

• Presets remote control and customization by means of the proprietary software program RAConLS™ and  the optional LD2.4 USB interface.

• With a single LD2.4 USB interface it is possible to operate up to 10 speaker systems of the SPOT, WIDE and FULL series.

• The geometry of the cabinet allows for easy construction of clusters. 
A 3-system cluster results in a 150° horizontal coverage.

• Birch plywood cabinet, finished with anti-abrasion paint.

• Threaded studs (M10) for safe and simple suspension; adapter for a supporting pole; 2 ergonomically designed handles.



• SPOT1500 is perfect for live music, but its excellent vocal/speech intelligibility at long distance qualify it as a highly recommended option for conventions.




2-way bass-reflex


custom designed on Montarbo specifications


1 x 15” woofer (4” voice coil) with shielded 
neodyumium magnet assembly, front-mounted for optimal cooling


1 x compression driver (1.4” throat, 3” voice coil) with neodymium magnet titanium diaphragm fitted to a high directivity (50° H x 40° V) wave guide horn

Frequency response 45 - 20.000 Hz
max SPL (peak) 135 dB
Electronic cross-over 750 Hz
Built-in amplifier 2 class D power units
LF output power 1000 W
HF output power 500 W
Total Output Power 1500 W EIAJ
Built-in DSP Montarbo
Processing 56 bit/180 MHz
Conversion 24 bit
Managements functions

Filtering, EQ, delay, limiting diagnostic (energy control, external and amp. temperature control) 
5 presets, 1 of which is custom-programmable Remote control by PC (of up to 10 systems)

Connections and controls balanced XLR connectors for the input, link and DSP processed output for driving external subwoofer
RJ45 DATA connectors for the two RS485FD serial interfaces for the connection to a PC (Montarbo net)
PowerCon® connector for mains power supply (input + link) 
Volume control
Status Led indicators (signal, clipping, thermal warning protection)
Active preset LED indicators

Birch plywood, high-impact, chip-resistant paint, steel protection grill with internal foam protection


Carrying handles
M10 threaded inserts
Speaker-stand adapter

Dimensions / Weight W 440 x H 775 x D 492 mm / 35 kg
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Speaker System
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Speaker System
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Speaker System
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