Successful Palm Expo 2012

Sound Land participated in the 12Th Palm Expo in Mumbai from May 31st - June 2nd where we introduced many new products to the industry. Montarbo's fantastic monitor systems were introduced which got perfect feedback from the professionals.Also the Palcoplus system was simply fantastic. Mr.Francesco Gatto of Montarbo was in the booth to explain the advantages of Montarbo products. FaitalPro 's newly introduced ferrite series speakers were on display along with it's neodymuim series speakers and HF drivers. They showed the best quality. Along with them many other bramds were represented and the most notable one was Le Maitre 's MVS Haze machine who were represented by Le Maitre's Elaine Peake and Alan.They did a great job in supporting us. Digisounds showed its wide range of class-D amplifiers.And it was completely a perfect show.

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